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by Briel7

Well whats more to tell then what i did before with the previeuw ?, it is friggin A M A Z I N G , it realy truely is one big piece of a...


Lets make friends by DashadyAlien
Lets make friends
edit: Aaah mutch better, somehow krita saves my file to something that shows diffren'tly on a browser then a normal pic vieuwer and it showed up way darker. Found something to correct it, phew.

Aaalrighty , so i've been trying to get back on track and with my tablet i have never used and a free program named Krita i got back to work. Alas my tablet skills weren't so awsome (yet) so i had to do it manlualy with a mouse. Nothing too big realy , lining in and colouring a sketch from my scraps. Still working things out and trying to figure out how the program works. Sadly i coulden't come up with something new for Quints montly drawvaganza of the stickletops but hey it's something right.
Am still working on this to see if i can shade etc etc with it but am already late as it is.

Copy paste from my scrap post

Finally got my jelly fingers on this beauty ^^ I just adore :iconquintonquill: female cast , they are all so beautifull and aluring i just have to tickle and play with em.
I had this story in mind on how i whas traveling merchant selling oils and stuff and she came over to rob me. Too bad she doesen't know this jelly tickler and got trapped as i tickled her silly. Alas half of my brain doesen't seem to be willing to cooperate. Perhaps another time for those who enjoy some backstory.
So for now , just enjoy the vieuw.

Story time:

Silenty sneaking thrue an inn in a town ,Khiira made her way tip toeing thrue to it the room of the strange traveling merchant. Her eyes fell on his merchandice , all sorts of oils and mixtures that would have diffren't effects on people aswel as just comsetic uses. While going thrue it her eyes fell on this bottle of skin oil ,made by the tears of joy as it whas labeled. Every oil whas diffren't and this one whas perfect for scaly persons. She asked the blue skinned merchant for the prize , looked at the oil and put it back , kindly rejecting it ,saying she coulden't afford it and proceeded her way thrue town. Khiira could easely afford it aswel as buying his whole stand but whats the fun in that ?? lets just steal it she tought. Still ,she pondered , what a strange creature this merchant whas. The world whas huge and vast so it whas normal other strange creatures walked the world. He had a blue skin like hers but a bit darker , a weird face with no nose it seemed. His skin looked smooth yet somehow squishy and firm at the same time. Fiery red spikey hair and full yellow eyes but still friendly and polite. Oh well , he will be happy with a few oils less to drag to the next town she tought.

Silently and veeery carefull she tried to unlock the lock on the door of the room he stayed. It popped open and entered it without making a sound , closing it back behind her. She examend the room and found it very weird. The whole room whas empty with only a bed with him sleeping on it and against the wall on the other side whas his studd all piled up. Strange she tought , for an inn this room is very empty. There should have been at least a few more chairs , tables , cubbords and all in it but nothing whas there. Oh well at least the stuff whas there. Observing him for a few minutes to make shure he whas in a deep sleep she smoothly and gently went her way to his merchandice. Gonna leave my mark all over this place later on she tought while smirking thinking about oiling herself up later on and enjoying the smooth feeling of it on her skin.

Her hands glided over the chest that whas there,  hmm strange , no locks or anything she tought. Opening it gently and slowly to make shure it diden't make any noise , she whas surprised.  It looked like something whas in it but no bottles or canisters , it looked more like something liquid. She reached out and dipped her finger in it, swhirling it a bit and pulling it back out while leaving a string. Odd , this looked and felt something like honey , how strange. Being distracted and facinated  by the odd substance, she failed to notice the liquid had began to move and very gently had made a tentackle that had begun to wrap arround over her other arm. Suddenly it tightenend up and trapped her, suprised by that she pulled back, but another tentackle  flung out of the liquid and trapped her wrist. She panicked as she whas surprised since this whas the first time happening. Trying to pull herself out of this weird situation she saw all the merchandice melt away and turn into a big blob. The tentackles that where holding her connected with the big blob and suddenly pulled her on top of it. She felt herself being trapped on it as her legs where wrapped up.

Not uttering a single sound to keep her presance hidden she pondered what whas happening and if the stranger has planned it.She looked back to where he whas sleeping to check but whas startled. The merchant whas gone aswel as the bed he whas sleeping on. What whas going on ?? Then the room lit up with a few candles making the whole room visable. She whas captured on this strange blob thing in an empty room. Where did all the stuff go?, who is he ?? a mage , a sorcerer an alchemist ?? what da hell whas going on??.

Surprised my dear?? i hope it's not too scary for you. She heard a voice comming somewhere , looking arround but coulden't see where. Don't worry , i have no i'll intentions nor do i wish to hurt you. Look in front of you. She looked and saw something emmerge from the blob. Shaping and shifting into an upperbody. There he whas , the merchant smiling and looking at her subdued self. W-who and what are you ?? and what do you whant ?? she asked him. I am just a traveling merchant who happend to stumbled on this magnificent world filled with fun and pleasure. Specialized in making oils to make bodies soft and tender , an excellent masseus and a very knowladgeable person in body sensativity and pleasure. What i am is very complicated to explain so you can just say i am one big being of jelly or goo as you might have noticed. What i whant ?? weeeeeeeell now what do i whant with a cute and beautifull looking thief like you hmm miss Kiihra??

Surprised to hear her name she struggled a bit. H-how do you know who i am ?? The man smirked and he stuck his hand into the goo she whas restrained on. Pulling out a bunch of papers and shuffeling thrue it. Then showing her on of the papers. She whas shocked, on it whas a drawn figure of her and a whole description about her. W-what , where ?? How did you get this kind of information?? Lets just say i have my ways to collect good information. He smirked, so my little thief , i knew it whas you when visiting my stand aswel as oogeling that bottle you whanted. I could see it in your marvelous eyes, gleaming with desire to have it. You coulden't afford it you said but i whas very shure you needed it. So i set a litte trap just in case you would happen to drop by. I whas right and now you are here little thief.

He held her chin in one hand and lifted her head looking into eachothers eyes. Now then i think it's time i punished you personally for trying to take my stuff hmm ?? She blushed a little and smirked. Why you woulden't whant to hurt a woman like me would you?? flickering her eyes. Hmmm if this information is correct about you wich am shure it is, you might enjoy your punishment. He let go of her chin and moved arround her on the goo to her back. She watched where he whas going and what he whas going to do. He picked up her left foot. My my the info whas right , you have very beautifull soles, so sodt and delicious looking. She started to blush and giggled a bit hearing the compliment. mmmh mr gooman isen't there some kind of agreement we can work out to let me go ?? Saying that but knowing fully well that she whas trapped and whas going to be played with no matter what she said or proposed. This might not turn out so bad she tought.

Hmm i don't think you have the right to negotiate my dear , you broke into my room and tried to steal my stuff tough i am the only witness.But to be honset miss Kiihra , i wanted you to do it, i wanted you to come and try to steal from me so i could meet you and administer some punishment opon your gorgious body aswel as there wonderfull soft and amazing looking feet. Toutching her left foot and rubbing her sole. She blushed and whimpered. Ooooh boy what whas this feeling on her sole?? his hands felt so soft yet so moist and still firm. He rubbed her foot skillfully, she coulden't keep it still , her foot arched and crunched aswel as wiggeling her toes , it felt sooo good. She could only moan silently and blush as she had her foot massaged. Pulling on her bonds and digging her faceinto the goo , she whas quite comfortable on it.

Suddenly she jolted up and let out a little shriek. Feeling a bunch of hands stroking her legs and sides. She looked back and saw hands alright but that whas it. They came from the bonds that held her down. Surprised?? the man said , i am very handy and versitile. Creating a pair of hands in front of her. She watched with surprise as the hands moved aswel as the fingers. Veeeery handy she said while smiling. Her other foot got pulled up and whas massaged aswel. She moaned and wiggled a bit arround but jolted again when she suddenly felt a wet and slippery tounge slide on the top of her foot and toes. Pushing her face into the goo while giggeling like mad ,the sensation whas so overwhelming that she coulden't hold her laughter and bursted it out. My my so soft and sensative are we ?? He kept on licking on the top of the foot aswel as her toes and suckeling on them , slowly removing the stirup of her suit on her sole by dragging a finger over her sole. Then once it whas removed very lightly scribbeling his fingers over the bare sole. It whas too mutch , that combination whas just too mutch after that soothing massage.

She pushed herself off the goo and arched back with laughter ,unable to hold back she just let it all out , it whas too mutch too resist and this from just a bit of tickling and worshipping. Oh by the way , don't worry about wakeing up the rest of the inn. I coated the intire room in with my goo , it's now soundproof. No one is going to hear your laughter and shrieks so you can let it al go if you wish. Hearing this said , she just did just that , laughing hard without resisting. If just those things weren't enough yet , the hands in front of her held her body arched up so other hands could unzip her suit a bit aswel as pulling it down. Reavealing her neck and some part of her chest. Then dissapearing while tentackles spawned that created soft feathers at the ends. Stoking and sliding it along her lovely neck.

Kiihra blushed more as she felt her suit being undone and laughed more when she felt those feathers down over her sensative neck. She wiggled and trashed arround to escape them but coulden't. Even the hands that stroked her lower body joined in , tickling her hips, waist and ass all over. The other foot whas done being massaged and the stirup whas removed to make place for a featherduster to stroke and flicker over her sensative sole. She whas going nuts from all of this , her spots being played and toyed with yet this sensation whas heavenly. Laughing , shrieking , trashing arround as mutch as she could but this whas her punishment and she whas going to enjoy every second of it.
Time went on , the tickling got more intense aswel as being pleasured. Her body whas put to her limits of stimulation.

The next day Kiihra slowly woke up. She passed out from all the pleasure she whas given that night. Wandering her eyes of the room that whas now fully furnished aswel as a very soft and comfy bed she whas lying on. The stranger no where to be seen in the room aswel as his stuff, if it whas even there anyway. She pondered how did he do all of that. Still ,she smiled when thinking back of her punishment. If that whas going to happen everytime she would be cought then she woulden't stop being a thief anytime soon. Turning over on the bed she noticed a bottle on a small table nearby with a letter. Shuffeling a bit up she took the letter and read it. Dear miss Kiihra , i hope you have enjoyed the night as i did and have no hard feelings of my form of justice deald upon you. As a gift for being sutch a wonderfull creature that endured it , here is that bottle of oil you where so eager to have. It is a very good oil for your type so enjoy it. She smiled and sighed. Thinking hehe this whas more fun then just buying it. Looking back she saw more tekst. Ps: I'll be going to these towns next, if you would like to meet up again for a challeging theft , you are always welcome to try.

Grinning at the tought made her squirm, she could still feel all the tingely sensation he gave her from her punishment. Hmm ya know what , i might just do that she tought with a big smile. Sticking the letter under her pillow and went back to soothing , resting up from her hard day of work.

The end?

character Kiihra goes to :iconquintonquill:
art is done by me
Tracerin the pose by DashadyAlien
Tracerin the pose
No not that one , don't wonna anger the people who take offense to a piece of art. Aaanyway , long story short, am a Blizzfan, have most of the games and spend years of my life having fun with em. Overwatch whas and still is a damn fine game. Love it when i win , hate it when i loose. Now this gentleman right here :iconsir-bombers: has made one fine piece of work with her seen here… and i LOOOOOOOVEEEE IIIIIIt. Aswel as some other lovely damsels. So since i don't do mutch drawing and fiddle arround in steams sfm a tad i tried to recreate it like so. Not excactly the same but i did what i could. Gonna be happy the day these models have removable shoes XD.
Perhaps one day i can create my love for them in my own art instead of copying it.

Tracer is a model from Blizzard
Made in SFM
Didyamissme??didya by DashadyAlien
Crappy title with a crappy work but hey at least am trying. So i might have explained a few things. As i probably have said before my old labtop is kaput and thus my drawing came to an end. Becouse of that one labtop where all my files where on ( that i whas able to recover becouse my HD whas fine and changed into a portable one ) aswel the only old fossile where both my ancient printer and scanner worked on i coulden't do mutch anymore.
A few weeks later i tried my also old wacom tablet i bought years ago but diden't do mutch with it since i realy enjoyed and prefered the paper , pencil working. I sucked at it but that whas to be excpected as i have 0 experiance in digital drawing. That and i found out photoshop is more like a rental instead of the buy the program once and live on with for a few good years. So needles to say i realy , realy had no more motivation on trying stuff.
That being said i still wonna draw , i still wonna make works that make me feel happy aswel as making the characters on the page happy ( tickle tickle ) and try other stuff. So am gonna try, it's not gonna be pretty and it's not gonna be tight or smooth or slick whatever you whant to call it but am trying.
So here am just posting this try out work of the tablet and a free program called Krita. Seems good but gonna have to get used to the shortcuts and the tools.
Am gonna see and try colouring an old work or something that could use a lick of paint before drawing again to get the hang of it but we shall see how it goes. Tough knowing myself am going to get discouraged somewhere on the line and give up for a long period again. Gonna do my best but thats all i can do.
This made my day and hopefully gets fully animated one day. Either with digital works or some 3d program like sfm but man i hope it gets worked out.

For those who don't get it. It's overwatch doing a piece of lion king.
Nefalems are not so tough by DashadyAlien
Nefalems are not so tough
Those dasterly demons and their evil deeds XD

Azmodan and the barbarian from Diablo3
All lovely Blizzard products i happely play season in and out :p

Models are made by the awsome people who designed them and me who uses them as puppets to bring you all this beautifull tickle joy ^^
This made my day and hopefully gets fully animated one day. Either with digital works or some 3d program like sfm but man i hope it gets worked out.

For those who don't get it. It's overwatch doing a piece of lion king.


Woulden't u love to know??
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there ,i am Alienshade or DashadyAlien being a weird thing that takes a lot of explaining lets just say am an alien-rubber-jelly-slime thing that has a very versitile body that changes into a lot of stuff.

I found a fun fetish called tickling and love to use it on smexy females ,specially the feetsies,but don't fear am also nice and show mercy ( sometimes :p ) so have a look arround or sit down and let me explore ure sensativity ^^.

Current Residence: a house
Favourite genre of music: techno,trance,dance,house,drumm'nd base
Favourite photographer: click
Favourite style of art: comic
Operating System: win'dows xp
Shell of choice: blue
Wallpaper of choice: cool ones
Skin of choice: chrome
Favourite cartoon character: can't choose
Personal Quote: i live so i tickle

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